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Stream your film & video worldwide on Amazon, Hulu & many more.

Pay $0. Make money. One simple upload. See how it works.

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Innovate Distribution

For filmmakers & production companies

Stream your title on Hulu, Amazon and many global locals and verticals

No application - every title accepted. Distribute directly to Filmhub's growing network of global videostreaming services and your own business partners. Manage your catalog, securely store all your assets in the cloud, promote and create digital revenue around the world.

For distributors, sales agents & aggregators

Manage & distribute your catalog in the cloud - whether 1 or 1000

Pay $0 to upload your catalog, manage assets, rights and metadata, distribute to our long list of digital partners - and to your own. Fill all territory gaps. Focus solely on promoting your clients’ titles, building relationships with content owners & streaming services, without upfront investment and technical concerns.

For video streaming services

Reliable, consistent, cloud-based authoring & delivery of thousands of titles.

Our proven track record with Amazon, Hulu and many others gives you confidence that Filmhub’s hassle-free title deliveries can be seamlessly integrated with your digital video service. We radically simplify dealing with your content providers.

From everywhere

We accept content from all countries in all languages

From everyone

From indie filmmaker to major catalog owner

To everywhere

Streaming services and audiences in all territories

In every format

Film, TV, digital originals, 2k, 4k and whatever the future brings

Distribution, reinvented

No upfront fee

No authoring fee, no signup costs, no hidden deductions. Cloud technology efficiency allows us to waive the upfront fees that aggregators charge. Simple, modest revenue sharing only on success. Risk-free.

No gatekeeper

Let the audience decide, not us. We are open to any content - feature film, TV, documentary, short, culture, children… any format, any genre, any language (subject to simple minimum requirements). Some streaming services might decline your title - but we don't.

Keep your rights

No exclusive contract. You are free to work with other distributors in parallel. No lock-in. No minimum terms. Cancel anytime. Exclude territories and streaming services à la carte.

Fully automated

Filmhub turns digital distribution into a fully-automated all-digital workflow with a modern, easy to use, cloud-based web app. No shipping drives, no DVD screeners, no one sitting in a room full of equipment encoding each film manually. Upload unlimited size asset files. Comfortably resume after interruptions. We then author into all different streaming service formats.

Discovery Guide

Our proprietary ranking system - built with a Harvard PhD statistician and filmmaker - ranks any title on a 1-100 scale of probable video streaming success, based on 100+ empirical data points including talent ranking, festival & social media, trailer views etc. This helps streaming services select the most promising films - and the content creator understand how to improve their film's chance to be profitable.

Scale and reach

The technology and the zero up-front cost enables us to scale rapidly. We can ingest hundreds of titles simultaneously, from anywhere on the planet, into a huge catalog. And it allows us global and multi-language reach – to deliver titles to all streaming services worldwide, into growing markets, and in any language.

Get paid fast

Transparent, automated online reporting. See every stream & sale and when it happened. Consolidated accounting from stores worldwide.

Fanatical quality

Top-quality cloud transcoding, consistent authoring, and a 100+ step quality control checklist. We're ready for 4k and beyond.

Marketing Tools

With our self-service marketing tools, checklists, tutorials, subtitling resources etc, motivated content owners can reach their title's affinity group globally.

How it works

1 You upload

Upload your titles and trailers using our unique Upload Manager. Add artwork and enter metadata. Easily resume uploads with unlimited file sizes, and parallel uploads from several locations – making the upload fly!

2 We transcode

Your video assets are transcoded into many formats as required by our streaming services, for example iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and many more.

3 We author

Our system also prepares the artwork and "metadata" files which describe your title. Then we package everything into service-specific delivery bundles.

4 We distribute

Your title - including metadata, trailer & images - is automatically delivered to the chosen streaming services. They review the package and make their selection.

5 They watch

Consumers rent, buy or stream your film to their HDTVs, home theater systems, game consoles, Blu-Ray players, streaming players, computers, phones and tablets.

6 You get paid

We consolidate accounting from all streaming services, and create convenient online reporting for you. The streaming service pay us, we keep a 20% share, you get 80%. No other charges.

No nonsense, creator-first pricing


Pay $0. We make money via simple revenue share: 20%.

Get started

More info about our enterprise edition.

Control a catalog?Filmhub Enterprise

Producers, sales agents, distributors, mini-majors, studios: you own or control high profile titles or a large scale catalog, whether it's 5 or 5000.

Use our cloud service to push your content to streaming services worldwide.

We release your catalog in all major territories and digital stores. Our cloud technology does all the complicated technical work. Low cost, consolidated accounting, short lead times. We are scalable to infinite catalog sizes.

Video streaming is an exploding market. As new streaming services appear, we re-deliver your whole catalog automatically at no additional cost.

Simply carve out territories already sold. Deselect streaming services you're already in or simply don't want. You can also set different release dates for transactional, ad-based and subscription based business models.

Choose between simple revenue sharing or a low one-time service fee.

Contact us for details or get started to try risk-free.

Carve out territories and streaming services

Carve out territories with fine grained control. Exclude streaming services à la carte.

Separate target release dates

Set separate target release dates for different business models.

About Filmhub

Filmhub is based in Santa Monica, CA. We're committed to give any content owner easy access to video streaming services worldwide in any format, language and territory.

Meet the team.


Klaus Badelt Founder | CEO


Roger Jackson Co-founder | Sales


Adam Telanoff Co-founder | COO


Mark Simmons Marketing


Austin Perez Sales Ops


Keju Luo Content and Support


David Newkerk Developer


Philipp Seul Growth